Crisis Consultancy

  • Crisis prevention and crisis management
  • Reputation damage prevention campaigns
  • Improvement strategies for damaged reputations

Powerbroker are experiences crisis communicators in the following fields:

    • Political turmoil in Muslim and Arab countries
    • Revolutions
    • General political media agitation
    • Natural disasters & environmental pollution
    • Public accusations of
      • Extremism
      • Islamization
      • Secret service collusion
      • Espionage
    • Travel alerts
    • Aircraft crashes
    • Leakage management
    • Powering down/ adaptation of war rhetoric of public statements, speeches, press releases to Western receptional requirements


    It is vital to be ultimately prepared for crisis and reputation damage incidents in order to react within seconds throughout all communication channels. To be prepared for any crisis, we as your consultants provide special communication instruments.

    Crisis prevention:

    We develop a sustainable issue management strategy in order to permanently feed the public your good news so that, when crisis hits, you can fall back on good will.

    We identify and analyze your neuralgic reputation danger spots and consult you on crisis prevention and management strategies.

    Crisis management:

    When a crisis hits, you need to be prepared and able to implement your defense strategy within seconds. We work out a crisis plan and a crisis manual for you that will be implemented when you need it.

    The crisis manual includes all information and procedures necessary: Scenarios, description of the roles and work procedures which come into action in case of crisis, definition of responsible speaker and contact persons of your firm or institution, check lists, contact lists, forms, mailing lists, text modules, video footage, CEO video statements, instructions for the technical devices, internet/ intranet/ social media platform, securing of the networking: emergency management, public authorities, law, trainings and coachings for worst-case communication scenarios. Simulations and crisis practices.

    One advice upfront:

    In our manifold experience, when crisis hits, clients often tend to trying to keep a low profile during a “shitstorm”. This applies mainly to clients who run established companies and institutions, not so much start-ups. Yet burying your head in the sand is very ill advice and only works in cases when the situation is so severe that “you wished it was fake news” and when transparency and disclosure from your side would only make matters worse.

    In all other cases, an immediate, transparent and well-prepared communication throughout all channels proved to be the best option.

    Crisis is your “middle name”? We are your audacious experts for the tough job!