Powerbroker is a public relations consultancy in the heart of Frankfurt/ Germany.

We built and curate our clients’ public image in all existing media channels.

On the market since 2006, Powerbroker focuses on international clients reputation building in the GSA/ CEE and generally Eurozone and „Western“ markets. Our main share of clients comes from the Mena region.

Fields of specialization:

  • Finance with expertise on Islamic banking
  • Public sector, public affairs, government contracts (e. g. MENA tourism ministries)
  • Public institutions/ NGOs, multiplier associations
  • Crisis consultancy, crisis management and prevention, reputation damage prevention campaigns in different fields: politics, banking & finance, tourism
  • Sustainable image and reputation campaigns for Muslim public and private sector initiatives in Western markets
  • Private sector tourism investments
  • Sport sponsorship
  • Crypto markets

We are hands-on experts for challenging projects, often of pioneer quality.

We led the Egyptian tourism ministry through the revolution crisis, launched the first Islamic bank in the Eurozone and organized the 1st International Conference on Faith & Finance in Germany.

We hold mega events, golf tournaments, watersports and other sports events at upcoming tourism hotspots.

We have excellent media contacts all over the world. Our consultancy is analytical, strategic and culturally sensitive.

With us, there are no overhead costs, no frills, no sugar-coating, and no pretense. Our network of highly specialized freelancers (IT & social media strategists, web designers, social media experts, business experts, crypto consultants) is very cost-efficient.

We see your public image as key to your ROI and success. In international markets swamped with fake content, we will get your message of authenticity across.

The Powerbrokers.